What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a chemically-produced compound developed by the scientists looking to provide your vehicle with great lubrication. Have you ever wondered why you must regularly conduct oil changes or your car may experience significant problems? Becuase, after a while, oil gets used up and must be replaced.

With the synthetic option, your car will experience a prolonged period of exceptional performance. That means that you could reduce the number of times you visit our oil specialists at Hendrick BMW Northlake. Nonetheless, we welcome your questions as we enjoy matching you with the perfect oil for your car. Thus, if you happen to live in the Charlotte area or visit often, feel free pay us a visit.

Our specialists can further explain byproducts of synthetic oil like greater resistance to sludge problems, a higher viscosity index, as well as a less evaporative loss. Not to forget that you may be on the receiving end of a better fuel efficiency and performance!

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