Don't Ignore These Battery Symptoms

The normal life of a car battery is typically between three and five years. Many factors can affect the life of it, including mileage, proper maintenance, and the health of other electrical components.

When a battery begins to fail, it can exhibit a host of symptoms. The most obvious symptom occurs when your engine cranks more slowly as you start it, indicating lowered voltage going to the starter. Another occurs when interior and exterior lighting becomes dimmer. A check battery or engine light will also appear when battery voltage. However, it’s important that you take your vehicle to a qualified automotive professional when these or other electrical symptoms occur.

The experts at Hendrick BMW Northlake in Charlotte have years of experience in maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing batteries. Our advanced diagnostic equipment will quickly let you know about the health of your battery, and if necessary we’ll replace it with the highest quality available. Call us today and drive confidently tomorrow!

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