The BMW 6 Series of luxury sedans are popular full-size sports cars that are capable of putting out large amounts of power. That said, prospective drivers can rest assured that the power of these vehicles will not interfere with the comfort of their travel. To this end, the 6 Series members include a number of passenger-centric features like climate control, integrated infotainment systems, and driver awareness tools.

On the entertainment front, members of the BMW 6 Series family include speakers designed by the iconic Bang & Olufsen acoustic systems company. This firm works hand-in-hand with BMW 6 engineers to design sound systems made for durability and precision.

On the driver safety and awareness front, the BMW 6 Series sedan offers drivers the Adaptive Headlights system that promotes driver awareness at night or during inclement weather situations.

Here at Hendrick BMW Northlake in the Charlotte, NC area, our BMW 6 Series stock models offer features like adaptive headlights. Clients like you are free to take one of our 6 Series for a personal test drive, and you can do so by coming by our place today.

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