For a Luxurious Ride, Choose the BMW 7 Series

All BMW vehicles combine luxury and performance, but the 7 Series may be the brand's ultimate success story. BMW's flagship full-size luxury performance car is refined, powerful, and efficient—everything you could want in a luxury vehicle.

When you buy a vehicle in the luxury class, you expect it to cater to your driving preferences. The BMW 7 Series does this in ways big and small. Thanks to the adaptive drive technology, drivers can expect perfect handling from their BMW, regardless of road conditions. This advanced adaptive tech seamlessly adjusts for navigation needs, weather, and other preferences. While the drive technology takes care of vehicle handling, drivers and passengers can enjoy the lavish BMW interiors. These cars are equipped with the finest interior options, including massaging seats and heated armrests.

If you want to upgrade your ride, you can't go wrong with the BMW 7 Series. If you're a driver in the Charlotte area, head to Hendrick BMW Northlake to take one of these full-size performance cars for a test drive.

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