Performance is at the Heart of the BMW Series M Vehicles

For drivers who love performance, it's no wonder that the BMW Series M is popular among those you love horsepower and torque. Intelligent engineering is at the heart of every BMW Series M vehicle, making them very popular among our customers in Charlotte. State-of-the-art turbo technology combined with light materials give drivers unparalleled power.

BMW offers you eight lean and mean M models to suit your driving style. The lighter weight gives drivers quicker, more dynamic cars that give you track-like performance on every highway you choose. With all-wheel drive standard, you'll also get unparalleled handling that will keep you safe no matter what the terrain or weather conditions.

Not only do you get great power under the hood, but you can also monitor the performance of your series M vehicle through the M Laptimer app with GoPro integration. This tool, when used consistently, can help improve performance even more.

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