BMW Tires Road Hazard Tire Coverage

Shockingly few BMW owners know that they are eligible for road hazard tire coverage. Road hazards include things like nails that cause punctures. Road hazard damage occurs on public roads. It happens when one is driving normally. In addition to nails, glass and potholes are common causes of road hazard tire damage.

To qualify for road hazard tire coverage, drivers need to be sure that they purchase their tires at a BMW Tire Center. For the first year after purchase, these tires are covered when it comes to road hazard damage. That can be a great savings. Road hazard damage has a way of occurring when it's least convenient, during a move or a vacation. This coverage gives drivers a lot of peace of mind.

To find out more about road hazard tire coverage, stop by Hendrick BMW Northlake in Charlotte, NC. Our qualified team is always happy to explain the program.

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