The BMW X1 is known as a popular luxury subcompact SAV. And Charlotte drivers usually tell us that they are big BMW fans, anyway, due to the good reputation the brand has. Today, we're going to give an overview of the BMW X1.

The BMW X1 features all-wheel drive with excellently treaded tires so that you can drive anywhere that you need to, no matter what season it is. This car also features a TwinPower Turbo engine, to give you the power that you want when you are behind the wheel of a luxury SAV.

Drivers nowadays expect all the current technology features in whatever vehicle they are driving. Fortunately, the BMW X1 has got you covered. With high-tech safety features, Apple CarPlay, a rear-view camera, and an in-dash display, you will have control at the touch of your fingers. Does any of this interest you? If so, visit your local dealership to take a BMW X1 for a test drive today.

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