Finding Fuel System Problems

The fuel system is a crucial system for the running condition of your vehicle. At Hendrick BMW Northlake we want you to be educated on possible symptoms of a failing fuel pump, or clogged fuel filter so we can help you fix the problem and get back to operating at 100 percent.

Problematic Fuel System Warning Signs


If you have a continuous rise in temperature, this could mean that you have a fuel pump issue that is continually causing the engine to get hot.

Loss Of Power

If you are experiencing a loss of power, especially at high speeds, you could have an issue with your fuel system.

Car Doesn't Start

If your car simply won't start or has difficulty starting, you could have a failed fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, or another problem like a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

If you suspect a fuel system problem, bring the car into Hendrick BMW Northlake; we're here to help.

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