Whether you’re buying or leasing a BMW, you can expect to receive some excellent BMW service and maintenance. Their certified BMW technicians do everything possible to ensure your BMW continues to drive like the Ultimate Driving Machine™. Come to Hendrick BMW Northlake and learn more about the BMW service and maintenance plans and how you can benefit as a BMW driver.

If you’re a BMW owner, you can choose to purchase an Ultimate Care Plus package, which offers you the best service and maintenance. If your BMW doesn’t qualify for the Ultimate Care, or you just don’t wish to purchase it, you’ll still get excellent service through the Ultimate Care package or the BMW Value Service. Regardless of which package your choose, the work is performed by BMW trained technicians using only original BMW parts.

Service and maintenance is a big part of vehicle ownership and one that can save you tons of money when it’s being provided to you free. Stop in or call us at our dealership in Charlotte, NC to schedule an appointment.

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