The new BMW X5 is more than a standard automobile. The X5 just so happens to be a luxury automobile that rests in the sport-activity vehicle category. From its primed engine to its well-crafted exterior, here are some of the advancements of the BMW X5.

The new BMW X5 is lavishly designed. The exterior of the vehicle looks like it was cut from glass thanks to its sharp contours and curvaceous curves. Beautiful LED lights are arranged on both ends, and there's a stunning front fascia that looks mean. For the interior, the X5 is extravagant. This cabin hosts heated armrests, metal accents, and wooden trim. Two large 12.3-inch displays can be found up front. These touchscreen displays are quite impressive with their highly detailed graphics and bold colors. Whichever trim that's chosen, you'll be equipped with a high-performance engine.

The time is now to view this vehicle in all of its glory. If you play your cards right, then we may offer a test drive from our location.

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