Getting Your Car's Engine Cooling & Radiator Serviced Regularly

The reason that it is important that you are getting your car's cooling system maintained is because the system is basically comprised of several parts that all need to be working perfectly together.

The water pump will be inspected for leaks if the bearings fail, and if the belt is tight enough to allow the pump to move coolant through the system. The radiator will be visually inspected and then the fluids flushed and replaced so it can perform at a higher level. The thermostat housing will be inspected for leaks and the thermostat checked to make sure it can still help maintain engine temperatures.

All the hoses and belts will have eyes on them for any signs of wear so they do not fail and cause your vehicle to overheat and parts to become damaged. Visit our service center at Hendrick BMW Northlake today and one of our team technicians will inspect and maintain your vehicle's cooling system.

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