Schedule Your BMW's Service & Repair at Hendrick BMW Northlake Today

At Hendrick BMW Northlake in Charlotte, your safety on the road is our top priority. Our highly qualified staff is factory-trained to ensure your luxury SUV or car is running like new. After all, a BMW should run like a BMW. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and world-class facilities, our skilled team of service technicians can do everything from routine maintenance to transmission replacements, no matter the age of your vehicle. So, if you have an older BMW, you can trust our reliable mechanics with your hardworking, higher-mileage BMW and ensure a quality repair using only genuine BMW parts. Don't forget that we provide high-quality tires when you need them.

With easy 24/7 online scheduling, you can find the perfect time to schedule your important oil change, tire rotation, or other maintenance appointment.  And to make it even easier, with our Complimentary Service Pickup and Delivery service, we'll bring your vehicle to the dealership and let you drive around in a complimentary BMW loaner vehicle. So, you can spend time on the more important things in life, and we'll spend time on your BMW. Be sure to check out our service specials and take advantage of our 10% off service on BMW's 5-9 years old and 15% off service on BMW's 10 years or older. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the unthinkable happens and your BMW needs a bigger repair. You can trust the experts at our BMW collision centers to restore your vehicle to the best working condition by providing frame straightening, interior repair, mechanical repair, body panel replacement or dent repair. If you don't have a BMW, that's okay - we'll perform restoration service on any make and model! We provide free estimates and you can rest assured that we'll be fully transparent about what your car will need and throughout every step of the repair process. Find your nearest Hendrick collision center and contact us for your major repair needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scheduling Service

How often should I get my BMW serviced?

The need for service can vary depending on how much you drive your BMW. You should get it serviced twice a year or if you eclipse 5,000 miles.

Where can I get my BMW Serviced?

You can get your BMW serviced anywhere, but it's recommended that you go to a BMW dealer to get the best quality service. You will have certified technicians who are experts with BMWs, which will help your BMW run at its peak performance. They will also use OEM parts that are specifically made for your BMW.

How much BMW oil change?

A BMW oil change will usually cost between $135 and $175, and this price range is based on the kind of oil used, the cost of the parts, and labor. 

Do BMW have spare tires?

BMWs do not have spare tires and instead have run-flat tires. These tires let you drive up to 50 miles on a punctured tire, and they're able to do this because they are made with a stiff sidewall or internal reinforcement. This will give you plenty of time to drive it somewhere safe and fix the problem.