BMW Lease End Guide

Returning a Leased BMW to Hendrick BMW Northlake

Drivers looking to return a leased BMW should bring it in to Hendrick BMW Northlake, even if you didn't purchase it here. Before you visit us, you will be contacted by BMW Financial Services who will outline the next steps you should take. Let us answer your frequently asked questions about BMW lease-end return here at Hendrick BMW Northlake in North Charlotte.

What Should I Do Before the Lease Ends?

BMW Financial Services will inform you when the time comes for a pre-inspection, which must be performed prior to lease end. This inspection is complimentary and will validate whether you followed your lease guidelines for acceptable wear-and-tear and mileage. After the inspection is complete, you can view the complete results online via My BMW.

Before scheduling the pre-inspection, make sure all personal items are cleared from the vehicle and that all the equipment included in your lease is within the vehicle as it's returned. If the inspection finds any dents, dings, scratches, or tire wear greater than what is acceptable, it will be up to you to schedule needed repairs. Please ensure both keys are available during this inspection. 

To schedule your complimentary 15 minute pre-inspection please contact our Client Loyalty Liaison, Gary Kane:

Gary Kane

Will I Face Any Charges When Turning in My Lease?

While there is a $495 disposition fee to turn in your lease, it will be waived if you purchase or lease another BMW within six months of returning you previous lease. Any other potential fees come from damage or other issues, including:

  • Overdue Services: Throughout the lease agreement, you are responsible for vehicle maintenance, so if the vehicle is overdue for service, a fee will be charged.
  • Tire Wear: If your tires are worn down past the acceptable wear-and-tear, you will need to purchase BMW-approved replacement tires.
  • Dents/dings/scratches: Some minor blemishes may be waived, but more severe cosmetic injuries will result in a fee.
  • Mileage: If you exceeded your allotted mileage, you may purchase additional miles via the Mileage Adjustment Program, offered by BMW Financial Services.
  • Items/Accessories: Please ensure that both keys to the vehicle are returned, along with any and all accessories that came with the vehicle when new: floormats, roof racks, shift knob, etc. 

What Happens Next?

After your lease concludes, you can either purchase the vehicle you leased, lease another new BMW, or even finance another car entirely. If you have grown attached to the BMW you leased, you should talk to our finance center about the BMW Certified Pre-Owned Program, since a low-mileage leased vehicle will likely qualify. Our technicians can put the car through our CPO qualification checklist and, once it passes, you get to enjoy all the benefits and warranties of this program!

To avoid a disposition fee, you can buy or lease another new BMW from Hendrick BMW Northlake during your lease turn in process. This way, you save and get to enjoy the newest car with the newest technology!