BMW Geniuses at Hendrick BMW Northlake in Charlotte are here for you.

The new BMW lineup in Northlake is full of all sorts of fun and exciting features to enhance your daily drive. But which do you choose? How do you use them?

Those questions are precisely what our team of BMW Geniuses are for. Made up of dedicated professionals, they will make sure your car buying process is smooth, and will answer your questions about all of our models, and their features. What's more, they will continue to support you even after you've left our Charlotte, NC dealership.

Regardless of whether it's a technical problem, or you simply don't know how to operate an aspect of your new car, you can reach a BMW Genius by phone at our dealership and they will help you clear up the problem in no time! It's just part of our commitment to ensuring our local drivers are in good hands.


BMW Genius at Hendrick BMW Northlake

At Hendrick BMW Northlake, you'll now find a product expert who will assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle and needs. The BMW Genius is specially trained to demonstrate and help you get familiar with all aspects of your BMW - before, during, and after your purchase.

Meet Our Hendrick BMW Northlake Geniuses

Call us today to speak with one of our BMW Geniuses.

Andrew Johnson


My name is Andrew Johnson. I was born in Frederick, Maryland. I relocated to North Carolina when I was nine years old, and have spent the last 15 years in the greater Charlotte area. I grew up playing hockey and golf, and those are still my two main hobbies outside of work as well as working on cars. My love for the BMW brand started when I purchased my first BMW, a ’92 328i. From that point forward it has been all BMW all the time. Over the years I have become a self-proclaimed BMW “nerd,” so the BMW Genius role is a great fit and very enjoyable. I love sharing my knowledge with others, so come by today and learn something new about your BMW!

Tyler Spainhour


My name is Tyler Spainhour, I was born in Miami Florida but moved to Mooresville North Carolina when I was three years old. I have spent the rest of my life in the Charlotte area, recently graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Hobbies I enjoy outside of cars are fishing and golfing. I grew up learning to love cars and motorcycles at a young age thanks to my dad who got me interested in them. I have always been interested to learn about the latest technology and innovation that appears in the automotive industry and that’s what makes me feel like the BMW Genius role is a great fit for me. I enjoy seeing how happy customers get when they get to learn about all the features their new car has and how they can benefit their BMW driving experience. If you every have any questions, feel free to reach out. I am here to lend a hand at any time, and build a trusting relationship that you can rely on.

BMW Genius App

Even with our Hendrick BMW Northlake Genius' expert assistance, customers may want more information or help to use their BMWs many features to the fullest. The BMW Genius App is the all-new way to learn about your BMW for use on your tablet and smart phone. This app provides you with how-to videos about key features and functionalities, as well as model specific product information. The BMW Genius App is an electronic path to exploring, understanding and enjoying BMW's Ultimate Driving Machines.

BMW Genius Hotline

BMW's Genius Everywhere Program - in person and online - is designed to make all BMW owners knowledgeable and secure in operating their BMWs. Call our BMW Genius Hotline where our dedicated team is available to answers all of your product related questions.

1.844.4GENIUS (443.6487) | Available Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm (EST)
Or reach a BMW Genius via email at

BMW Encore

Want to learn more? Set yourself up for BMW Encore!

Your new BMW is filled with amazing features and functions. After you have had the chance to familiarize yourself with many of them, we encourage you to reach out to your BMW center to setup your complimentary BMW Encore appointment. It is a special session scheduled at a time of your convenience, dedicated to answering all of your questions about your new BMW.