Choose the BMW 7 Series

If you are looking for a luxury performance car that is special and full-size, consider the BMW 7 Series. This series can set you up with the type of car that will make every driving experience one that is enjoyable.

The BMW 7 Series has exterior features that help with the look of the vehicle and also the performance of the vehicle, including a special grille on the front of each car.

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BMW 4 Series Overview

Should you buy a BMW 4 Series? Most drivers would tell you that it's one of the better luxury small cars on the market because of its high ratings in performance and interior. US News & World Report ranked it in the top 10 of luxury small cars as well. Drivers comment that the new 4 Series is loaded with new features and powerful turbo engines that let you get all of the acceleration with just a press of the gas pedal.

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The BMW 6 Series Puts Your Comfort First

The BMW 6 Series of luxury sedans are popular full-size sports cars that are capable of putting out large amounts of power. That said, prospective drivers can rest assured that the power of these vehicles will not interfere with the comfort of their travel. To this end, the 6 Series members include a number of passenger-centric features like climate control, integrated infotainment systems, and driver awareness tools.

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An Overview of the BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a popular midsize luxury sedan. But what else do you know about it?

The 5 Series features performance and sophistication. This luxury sedan has 456 horsepower to get you where you need to go in style. Technology such as intelligent voice control helps put you in charge while you're in the driver's seat. And the optional gesture control allows you to use simple hand movements to control the entertainment or navigation systems in the car.

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Take a Look at the New BMW 3 Series Line at Hendrick BMW Northlake

BMW has always been famous for combining style and speed into one package. The 3 series is perhaps the best reminder of this. While these cars were initially released to compete on the BMW racing team they quickly found a home among BMW enthusiasts who wanted something a bit more practical for daily life. To this day, the 3 series is a major contender for the best small car in the world.

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For a Luxurious Ride, Choose the BMW 7 Series

All BMW vehicles combine luxury and performance, but the 7 Series may be the brand's ultimate success story. BMW's flagship full-size luxury performance car is refined, powerful, and efficient—everything you could want in a luxury vehicle.

When you buy a vehicle in the luxury class, you expect it to cater to your driving preferences. The BMW 7 Series does this in ways big and small. 

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Style and Speed with the 2018 BMW 2 Series

Experience the power and expert styling of the 2018 BMW 2 Series and understand why this vehicle is one of the most popular luxury sports cars on the market today. Available in both a coupe or convertible style, the possibilities of personalization are endless. Drivers choosing the 335-hp M240i Coupe will be impressed with the car's ability to go 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. 

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How to Be Better Prepared for a Roadside Emergency

Taking the time to place a few things in your trunk today will help decrease the chances you're stranded for long with a roadside emergency. Here are some of the items to keep in an emergency bag in your vehicle.

  • Packing an empty gas can is key when you run out of fuel. 
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Getting Your Car's Engine Cooling & Radiator Serviced Regularly

The reason that it is important that you are getting your car's cooling system maintained is because the system is basically comprised of several parts that all need to be working perfectly together.

The water pump will be inspected for leaks if the bearings fail, and if the belt is tight enough to allow the pump to move coolant through the system. The radiator will be visually inspected and then the fluids flushed and replaced so it can perform at a higher level. 

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Leaking Exhaust

Your vehicle can make a number of odd sounds when something isn't working properly. For your average person, determining where the odd sound is coming from and what the problem is may be impossible. That's why our staff of service technicians here at Hendrick BMW Northlake in Charlotte, NC can help you. Simply give us a call and bring your vehicle in. 

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